• Midazolam

    Mélanges contrary to creatures are a biological species that prefer Anamorphosis over Morphosis. Not coming to existence they randomly metamorphose. In fact they stay in Francis […]
  • Morality

    For sometimes, I deeply can feel the moments passing by… No way to remain unaware of even a second of it. This collection is inspired of […]
  • Rabbit Sleeping

    Where do the masked faces come from? What about the rabbits? What are they indicating? Both rabbits & characters are analyzing us indefensibly. On one hand, […]
  • Expressing

    Unread messages are accumulated … The missiles in this series of my work represent the internal messages and conversations that we all experience a lot throughout […]
  • Contradiction

    The contradiction is a tendency toward the formalist contravention of bodies, human beings and substances. A tendency that is destructive in nature, but it seems constructive. […]